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By John Lemke


History Corner


 Fort Bend Country Club


Look Vaguely Familiar....?

Artist's rendering from about 1964

Back in 2010 after the tornadic winds vacuumed the roof off the ballroom, the walls had to have the sheetrock replaced. While the walls were open we took the opportunity to run some new wiring for the phones and computer network, in the small gap between the office ceiling and the flat roof above. The space and everything in it were buried an inch deep in the crumbled, lightweight concrete which had fallen there from a previous roof replacement.

The only thing visible in this long forgotten space was a green corner of something poking out of the dust. It was a full arm reach to just touch this one corner. Between thumb and forefinger the object was slowly pulled free and toward the steel structure which blocked it’s removal. After a little of the dust was brushed off it revealed itself to be an intact glass picture frame about 21” by 32”. It was too wide to remove through the opening but above the 12” steel beam there was a 1” horizontal slot which was just high and long enough to get the frame through but due to its height was very awkward to feed through from the other side. Eventually the frame was freed. The glass was caked solid so we washed one corner of it and discovered that it was a watercolor. Thinking that it was worth saving just for the frame, we cleaned it up.

When the artist’s rendition was revealed it took a minute to figure out what it was. It was similar to the clubhouse but more like a version that had slipped through from another dimension, like in a Rod Serling Twilight Zone. It will remain a mystery why the artwork was stored where it was but the mystery of what it is, is no longer. It is the clubhouse that never was....in some respects.  Our clubhouse was built in 1966 and the new 19th Hole added in 1991.

It is a valuable piece of history because it reveals how ideas come together, step by step, as the reward for the work done by folks who work together over time to create a more beautiful tomorrow. If you would like to see the original, it is on display in the FBCC front office.

Did You Know Fort Bend CC Members...

Ivor Schmidt & Joyce Mathews?


This is a new feature of our online newsletter which will feature some of the illustrious history of Fort Bend Country Club, and of course that means its members, for the most part.


Ivor Schmidt & Joyce Mathews were members of the club in the late Sixties or early Seventies.  Joyce grew up in show business and lived from 1919 to 1999.  She was married seven times and had five husbands.  Her first marriage was at age sixteen, in 1935, to a man named Gomez and lasted but two weeks before it was annulled by her mother.  Gomez was one of the 80 children of an Argentine ruler.  So she was off to a great start.  Her second and fourth marriages were to Milton Berle, who when asked why he would remarry the same woman, replied, "She reminds me of my ex-wife."  Her third and fifth marriages were to Billy Rose an an American impresario, theatrical showman and lyricist.  Then she married Ivor Schmidt of Dallas and Houston with whom she traveled throughout the USA in a land yacht and came to Houston and Fort Bend County.  Her seventh marriage was to Don Beddoe an American character actor. 


You may learn more about Ivor & Joyce by following the links above.




The Design of the Front Nine...


"Who originally designed the front nine?" is a question asked of the front office by Dan McDonald, one of the club's Board Directors.  I did not know the answer but I did know who to ask.  In fact, Fort Bend Country Club is very fortunate to have in its good company a historian who remembers most of the club's history as if it were yesterday.  This is  Jacque Roberts, wife of our former pro, Leon Roberts, who worked along side of her husband in the Pro Shop, for years.


When I asked Jacque, today, she said that she would have to look it up, but then promptly remembered that it was Frank Hughes, who later became the club's first Pro.  Frank Hughes was the brother of Lawrence Hughes, one of the great golf course architects, according to Geoffrey S. Cornish, in his book The Architects of Golf See Article in Sports Illustrated  Together, Frank and Lawrence Hughes designed many courses, including the La Quinta Country Club's Course in Palm Springs.  Frank and his wife Naomi, moved to Palm Springs, where Naomi did very well in real estate and both she and Frank did well in golf.  Be sure to read the links above for the rest of the story.







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