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Tournament Scores History - 2013

This page was suggested by a member who thought it would be nice to be able to pull up the results of past tournaments.  Sounds like a good idea, so here it is.  Newer tournament results will be added to the top of this page as they are rolled off the news pages.




December 14, 2013

Three Man Scramble - Results





November 9 & 10, 2013

WGA Club Championship Results


CLUB CHAMPION Parneli Heisey  89/92 181
LOW GROSS Barbara Mitchell 95/92 187



LOW GROSS Linda Scruton 100/97 197
LOW NET OVERALL  Kim Hood 82/70 152
LOW PUTTS  1st Parneli Heisey 55  
LOW PUTTS  2nd Linda Scruton 57  



October 25, 2013

October Surprise Results,
Friday, October 25, 2013

Second Flight

Low Gross Frank Hayward Roger Schone 75
2nd Gross Bill Webb Mike Webb 78
  John Lemke Tony Talamini 78
Low Net Lloyd Hartmann Dave Mangel 69
2nd Net Neal Kalinowski Tommy Howe 70


First Flight

Low Gross Mark Smith Taylor Smith 66
2nd Gross Christian Jalomo Saeed Sakhel 71
Low Net Pascal Sakhel David Suire 65
2nd Net Bob Donham Jim Gulbrandsen 68
  Alton Fuller L T Thames 68


Closest To Hole 13  Dave Mangel



October 18, 2013

Southwest Interclub


Pecan Grove Plantation Country Club hosted the final Southwest Interclub for 2013.

Our Fort Bend winners are:

  • Cheryl Bailey and Parneli Heisey

Thanks to everyone  who participated. 


Karen Weaver


October 17, 2013

WSIGA at Fort Bend
Score Sheets







  Results From 17-Oct Status for Next Event
Club Prior   Event at Fort Bend   at Falcon Point
  Cum Pts Quota   Score "Net" Place Pts   Cum Pts Place Quota
Falcon Point 30 183 179 -4 2 6 36 1 181
Fort Bend 23 170. 5 151 -19. 5 6 2 25 5 161
Pecan Grove 20. 5 175 169 -6 3 5 25. 5 4 172
Quail Valley 26. 5 174. 5 175 0. 5 1 7 33. 5 2 175
Sweetwater 25 177 170. 5 -6. 5 4 4 29 3 173
Weston Lakes 21 174 162 -12 5 3 24 6 168
Willow Fork 22 170. 5 144 -26. 5 7 1 23 7 157. 5

If you have any questions about the Senior Men's Interclub, please contact me (Larry Davis, 281-980-7463), Joel Lane, or Frank Hayward.  Or, you could go online to Westside Senior Interclub Golf Association (WSIGA).  There you will find our bylaws, schedule, standings, results of most current tourney, etc.

Thank you,


October 15 & 16, 2013

Belle Ringer Results



Some of the  lovely Belles of  the Fort Bend CC

Belle Ringer Tournament


Harriet Wiechert, from Riverbend CC and Rose Mixon from Weston Lakes CC


Cheryl Bailey, Linda Scruton and Karen Weaver


Barbara Mitchell, Parneli Heisey and Linda Walker



August24, 2013

Two Man Scramble Championship - Results

July 13th, 2013


 Member Member-Guest Guest Tournament - Results

4-Man Scramble on July 13, 2013






The Member Member-Guest Guest Tournament is coming up and here are the details.

Member/Member-Guest/Guest Tournament

  • Saturday, July 13th

  • 4 man scramble

  • Each player gets 1 skirt per 18. (go to the ladies tee and rip it!)

  • Shotgun start at 9am

  • Prizes for each flight, long drive and closest to pin

  • Followed by great food from The Swinging Door

  • Bring your buddies and you’re “A” game

  • Sign up in the pro-shop ASAP

That’s right; “SKIRTS” are making a comeback due to high ratings and higher temperatures.

Grab your team and see you Saturday July 13th.


Andy Glasnapp
MGA Secretary


June 29th - 30th, 2013





June 29-30
36 Hole Competition
Gross and Net
By Flights




The Club Championship was on June 29th and 30th. This year we combined the Senior Club Championship as well. The cost was $50 per player and we teed off in the morning on Saturday and the same on Sunday. The new Club Champion is Christian Jalomo, and the new Senior Club Champion is David Suire.  Congratulations!


Thanks for supporting FBCC,

Andy Glasnapp
MGA Secretary



June 7th, 2013


Howdy Everyone,

Even with the rain on Sunday, it was a stellar weekend at Fort Bend Country Club. On Friday we had the largest event turnout of the year. Fifty Six players participated in the Member-Guest tournament and the event was a big hit. Robert Haley planned this year’s event so make sure you thank him when you see him. Great job Bob.


Member- Guest Results


We also had great fun during the Big Break event. Congratulations to Keith Clay for blasting the TV from about 70 yards on his first shot. Amazing! Way to go Keith!



We had 29 participants in the Big Break event and with some donations raised over $1600 dollars for trees to be planted later this year!!! Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this event happen.


Good Direction: but getting both speed and low elevation proved to be a real challenge.



We also had some great tree donations from Lloyd Hartmann, Andy Glasnapp, John “TREE” Lemke and Myron Goforth. Myron stepped it up and donated 2 trees so be sure to thank him and the others when you see them. Please remember if you’d like to donate a tree you always can by letting Gene and Mimi know.



Member-Guest Tournament

The Member-Guest tournament will be held on Friday, June 7th. The format for this tournament is a 2-man shamble. This will be a shotgun start at 1pm with lunch provided by The Swinging Door before play at noon. We will also have a keg of beer for the participants. Yippee! The cost is going to be $35 per player and rumor has it that there may even be some day money activity. Please sign up by Tuesday June 4th so that we can plan the meal appropriately.

See you Friday, June 7th,

Andy Glasnapp
MGA Secretary

The FBCC Men’s Golf Association Proudly Presents


“Fore Tree Huggers”



When:  Friday June 7th at 6pm

Who:  Everyone! Boys and Girls, Cats and Dogs, Everybody!

Where:  On the Driving Range

What:  We’re going to hit golf balls at the old large screen TV from the men’s locker room and smash the crap out of it. We’re also going to drink, listen to music and get loud.


  • 1. The chance to donate trees for the course.

  • 2. It’s going to be great fun. I’m almost giddy just thinking about it.

  • 3. To eat and drink at the swinging door on a Friday night at the club.

  • 4. Why the Hell Not!

  • 5. We’re going to have a keg of beer!!! Maybe that should’ve been number one?

Cost: $20 per person and all the money raised will go to trees for the course.

Format:  Not sure yet. Gene is working on it. Everyone will get a chance, besides when are you ever going to get a chance to hit golf balls at a huge TV? Can you say, “once in a lifetime opportunity?”

Prize: You get to be a “TREEHUGGER” You get a tree to be planted on the golf course and the great honor of selecting the exact site of its location. Within reason of course; we’re crazy but not that crazy. If we are lucky and get enough people we might even have more “treehugger” prizes???


"Hey Andy. Where are you going to plant that tree???"

Donating Trees for the Course: Even if you don’t win a prize you can donate a tree for the course. Later this year, probably in September, they will be looking to plant some trees on the course. The trees will probably cost about $200 and we’d like to get people to donate as many trees as we can.


The cool part is you can have an opportunity to pick the site where it will be planted. Maybe your foursome or another group of buddies would like to donate a tree? Maybe you have someone special you’d like to plant a tree for? Speaking for myself, I’d like to plant one for my sister. We had some great times on the golf course and it would be nice to have a tree just for her. If you would like to donate a tree we will have donation forms (Downloadable Form) in the pro shop. Later this year you will be contacted to pick the site of your tree.


The Masterminds: The Arboreal Illuminati (or 'Inebriati')




See you the 7th of June at 6pm.

Thanks Everybody,

Andy Glasnapp
MGA Secretary



WGA President's Cup Results

May 18th & 19th




Mindy Benefield is the winner of President's Cup for 2013
Linda Scruton was 2nd
Cheryl Bailey was 3rd

The Putters Pot was shared by way of a tie between Mindy Benefield and Linda Scruton.





Member-Member Results

May 18th, 2013





Fellow Golfers,

I just wanted to share some news about the rescheduling of the Club Championship. By the way, have you noticed how the course gets better all the time?

First of all, the results of the Member-Member Tournament on Saturday May18 are above. This was a 2 man best ball event using 90% handicaps.

A  goal for this tournament was to pay for what we still need to raise for the new flags, some grass we want to donate around the new practice area and maybe even start saving for some trees later this year.

Finally, if you haven’t heard, the Club Championship was rained out. Yippee, everybody gets a mulligan! The plan is to reschedule and combine it with the Senior Club Championship on June 29-30th. We will seek to have an overall Club Champion and also several division and flight winners. There will be a Senior Club Champion for 50 and over.  There will also be a 70 and over group that will play from the white tees, and a couple flights if we get our normal turnout. The cost will be $50 and the player with the lowest 2 day score will be our new Club Champion. The player who is over 50 years old with the lowest 2 day score will be our new Senior Club Champion. We have no clue what to do if it rains again so I’m ordering sunshine.

That’s the news for now. Please call the pro-shop and get signed up. By the way, have you noticed how the course gets better all the time?

Andy Glasnapp
MGA Secretary


20th Annual Alton Dumas Memorial Scramble 2013

A Resounding Success!


Gene Amman (Pro) and Mark Dumas (son of Alton Dumas)



Old Friends Reunite



Larry Baca ready for fine music and good vittles



Zydeco Joe and the H-Town Players  -  They were excellent!



"Where did I see those cookies?"



Karen, John and Dan.....and friends  - John won a door prize!



The food was the best ever, served happily by the Swinging Door staff -- That's Susan.



Mark Dumas, Dan and Mary Ann McDonald and Teresa Dumas



Focus on great food....



"Is that one still moving?"

"No. I was checking out the expression on his face.  He looks like he was thinking, YAY! - Hot tub!"




Roll the Credits

Many people helped to make this year's memorial scramble a great success.  During the early preparations Lloyd Hartmann noticed that the sidewalks were stained so he brought a power washer over and blasted them clean.  Seeing the need for signs on the course, to help guide the new players, he paid for the four new signs on holes 3, 4 and 7, which you may have noticed during the scramble.


Special thanks are due to Karen Valikonis, who agreed to be the commander of the forces; the 11 underwriting sponsors listed below; the crawfish cooks, headed up by Lane Holloway; and ESPECIALLY to Michaela Filla and the Swinging Door whose attention to detail and management skills made this a truly enjoyable event.  Volunteers, Jacque and Cindy - Thank you for checking in the guests at the front door.  Many others deserve recognition, too.


Thank you Sponsors:


  Underwriting Sponsors

Craigco Communications
Mark and Teresa Dumas
ERA Benes Realty
The Fort Bend Country Club Board of Directors
Alton Fuller
Lloyd and Jennifer Hartmann
Mass Transfer Ltd.
Barbara Mitchell
Jimmie Peña - Candidate for Rosenberg City Council
Van Slyke Law Office
Tim and Linda Walker

Hole Sponsors

Dostal's Jewelry
Fort Bend Country Club Women's Golf Association
Andy Glasnapp
John Lemke
Steve Valikonis


Scramble Results



2 Guys and a Doll Results - March 23, 2013





St Patrick’s Day Tournament  - March 16, 2013


St Patrick’s Day Tournament Results :



St Patrick’s Day Tourney Wrap-up

Hi Everybody,

I’m still stoked about how great the St Patrick’s Day tournament was.  We had 44 players and which exceeded out goal of 40.  That means we have raised over $700 for flags, flag poles, cups, as well as the grass on the new practice area.  Yippee!  Everyone has just been great about helping out and I can’t thank you enough.  Special kudos to Dumas Painting for donating prizes at each par three as well as Peter in the front office, the gang at the Swinging Door, and of course, Gene and Mimi in the pro shop.  You guys are great.

Gene was a great help organizing the "SWAT FEST" and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  The whole thing was just cool!  Thanks for all your help Gene!

Andy Glasnapp





Winter Carnival Wrap-up


Hi Guys,

By all accounts the 2013 Winter Carnival Tournament was a huge success. We had 48 men participate and several folks invited guests to enjoy our club. Mark Smith, and his son Taylor, were the champions by a rather wide margin. Taylor is a great player and quite a nice gentleman. I had the honor of playing with them, and even though I tried to corrupt his game, he just kept making birdies. I know Mark was proud to see his son play so well. Congratulations Mark and Taylor. I hope to play with you gentleman again soon.

We also sold “skirts” at this event and we had 100% participation from the field. AWESOME!!! We even had a few donations along the way. Scott Divers was the first to make a pledge all the way from Dubai. Michael Doan and Harold Crotts also donated. Thanks guys. Needless to say we raised enough to cover the cost of the new sand containers and John Lemke, Tim Walker and Kendall Litchfield helped get everything out to the course. Please enjoy them and fill those divots!

The St Patrick’s Day Tournament on Saturday March 16th is next on the MGA agenda. I’ll get the info to you as soon as we get a few details ironed out. It’s going to be a blast!

Thanks again for supporting Fort Bend Country Club,

Andy Glasnapp
MGA Secretary





MGA 3 Man Scramble

December 1, 2012  - Saturday


We had a great turn out and look forward to having many more like it.  Thanks from the MGA President for the interest shown by all who entered.


MGA Turkey Shoot

November 17, 2012  - Saturday






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