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October 3, 2017

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SWIC           WGA


Golf etiquette dictates that all players do the following:
*  Repair all ball marks on the greens
*  Repair all divots on tee boxes and fairways
Observe the white lines for carts near the green
Slow players should let other players play through
*  Observe the 90 degree rule for carts on the fairway
*  Rake the sand traps you enter and LEAVE the rake in the trap
The golf course is our main asset and we should all treat it that way. 




Golf News:

Course Weather Status

Clear Skies and a Break in the Temperatures

Call Pro Shop for Update




FBCC MGA Club Championship



Congratulations MGA Club Champion!


Tim Walker



Weekend, September 23 & 24
Saturday tee times starting at 9:00
Sunday tee times starting at 9:00

36 Hole Competition
Gross and Net
By Flights
$50 Entry Fee
Sign Up in the Pro Shop





Congratulations! Debbie Baca - 2017 Club Champion




Club Champion Debbie Baca
1st Gross Kathy Urbish
2nd Gross Cheryl Bailey
3rd Gross Parneli Heisey
1st Net Parneli Heisey
2nd Net Debbie Baca
3rd Net Barbara Mitchell

Closest to the Pin

#15 Mindy Benefield
Putters Pot 60/40
1st Parneli Heisey
2nd Debbie Baca, Cheryl Bailey, Karen Valikonis


Low gross, 36 holes, will be the FBCC Club Champion
Low net, 36 holes, will be the Presidents Cup Champion
Prizes will be awarded in each division along with closest to the pin and putters pot.
*All WGA members are eligible to compete for Presidents Cup.

You must be a FBCC member to compete for Club Championship.

Saturday, September 9, 10:00 am
Sunday, September 10, 10:00 am

No Entry Fee
Putters Pot $4.00 cash, split 60/40
Awards and pizza will be presented after play on Sunday

Mindy Benefield - Club Champion
Parneli Heisey, Barbara Mitchell - Presidents Cup
Please email Mindy if you want to play

Rain date: September 23, 24





You may view scheduled events  on the FBCC Events Calendar


Twilight Time is at 2 pm during Central Standard Time (Wintertime)

Golf Pro
Email Golf Pro

Pro Shop: 281-232-7824             


WA News

Sherry Party 2016

For information about the Women's Association please contact:

Karen V. 
Email Me

For More WA please take a look at our events webpage: The Women's Association Archive



News from the WGA:



Welcome FBCC WGA members! I am pleased to be your President this year and looking forward to making and sharing many friendships and memories.  For new members, I’ll give you a little info about our WGA.

Our play day is every Tuesday at 9:00 a.m.  (weather permitting).  If you would like to play, please call the Pro Shop (281 232-7824) by 8:30 Tuesday morning and sign up.  We also have a Saturday play day if there are members who want to play (or who can’t play on Tuesday). 

We have several tournaments scheduled during the year, either all ladies or a combo of guys/ladies, so please put those on your calendar when the Tournament Schedule comes out.  The WGA also plays in the Southwest Interclub, which includes a total of 6 clubs (including but not limited to Sweetwater, Pecan Grove and Sugar Creek).  We play the third Thursday of each month starting in March.  It's partnership play and a lot of fun as you get to meet members of other clubs and play at different courses.

Our WGA Board meetings are scheduled the first Tuesday of each month after golf (except holidays, which would be the 2nd Tuesday of each month).  We have lunch and go over our business for the month.

I sincerely hope all new members and old members will come out and play with us on Tuesday (or Saturday) and participate with us in our tournaments.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of our members or the officers listed below.


The officers of the WGA are as follows:






Kathy Urbish

1st Vice Pres

Debbie McGuire

2nd Vice Pres & Tournament Dir.

  Barbara Mitchell


  Karen Weaver


  Linda Scruton


  Mindy Benefield

Sunshine / Membership

  Kim Hood




If you have any comments or questions for the WGA please e-mail Kathy (Send Email To WGA President) or call at (281) 615-8698. 





2 Guys & A Doll March 4 Saturday
Member / Member May 20 Saturday
Club Championship & President's Cup September 9 & 10 Saturday & Sunday
Belle Ringer September 26 & 27 Tuesday & Wednesday
Mixed Bag (Replaces Double Trouble) October 21 Saturday








We welcome our new Affiliate Members, Gary and Wendy Finley, who live next door, in Sweetgrass.



Affiliate Memberships Available



More about Membership is available at: https://www.fortbendcc.com/membership.asp


Read about our current special offer for Public Play monthly rates.



Where Our Members Live






News from the Southwest Interclub:



Southwest Interclub at Fort Bend Country Club



Next Event

October 19, 2017 - Quail Valley


Congratulations to the following players for placing in the Southwest Interclub Tournament at Sweetwater Country Club September 21, 2017!

Due to the rain, there were no team scores and individual scores were calculated from the first nine holes played.

The team score will carry over from last month and Fort Bend CC is in third place with one remaining tournament for 2017! It will be at Quail Valley Country Club on October 19, 2017

Individual Flight Winners:

Cheryl Bailey, Kathy Urbish, Flight 1, 1st Gross

Jeanne Von Der Au, Barbara Mitchell, Flight 1, 3rd Net

Mindy Benefield, Linda Scruton, Flight 2, 2nd Net

Debbie Jackson, Karen Weaver, Flight 3, 2nd Net



Mindy Benefield


Golfcrest Country Club Joins SWIC for 2017


March 16

River Bend
April 20 Rained Out
May 18 Fort Bend
June 15 Golfcrest
July 20 Sugar Creek
August 17 Pecan Grove
September 21 Sweetwater
October 19 Quail Valley


Results of Home Tournament at FBCC



Message from the MGA:



2016 - 2017 President



Keith Clay


The MGA officers for 2017 are:

  • President: Keith Clay

  • VP: Dennis Metcalf

Please feel free to contact any of the MGA board members with any concerns or comments that you have about the MGA.

Thanks for supporting Fort Bend Country Club.

MGA President


2017 MGA Tournament Schedule


Three Club January 21, Saturday
Winter Carnival February 18, Saturday
St. Patrick's Day March 18, Saturday
Senior Club Championship April 8-9, Saturday-Sunday
Cinco de Mayo May 6, Saturday
Super Senior Championship June 8-9, Thursday-Friday
Member/Guest June 24, Saturday
Member/Member/Guest/Guest July 8, Saturday
Scramble Championship 2-Man August 5, Saturday
Ryder Cup - CANCELLED September 9, Saturday
Club Championship - 36 Holes September 23-24, Saturday-Sunday
Member-Member October 7, Saturday
Senior Interclub WSIGA (non-MGA) October 19, Thursday
Turkey Shoot November 18, Saturday
3 Man Scramble December 3, Sunday



You may view all scheduled events  on the FBCC Events Calendar



Tournament Score History


A webpage has been added to our website which archives the tournament scores.    If you are interested, it is at:  https://www.fortbendcc.com/scorehistory.asp  As we remove the tournament results from this Newsletter they are archived on the Score History webpage.    Photos and comments are archived with them if they are submitted, also. 







MGA Members 50 Years of Age and Older!

The WSIGA will continue its 2017 season at Sugar Creek, on Thursday, September 7th.  Eight clubs, Weston Lakes, Sweetwater, Falcon Point, Sugar Creek, Willow Fork, Fort Bend, Pecan Grove and Quail Valley compete.  This expands your opportunity to play some of the best golf courses in the area at a nominal fee in a competitive (but friendly) setting. 

We play a Stableford format with FULL handicaps and the best 5 out of our 8 players' scores will be used for figuring our competition results.  A continuous, cumulative correction factor is used to even out the disparity in handicaps/course difficulty.

For more info, go to the Westside Interclub Golf Association (WSIGA) website or ask any of the guys who have participated.  The bottom line is it is a lot of fun, it's a chance to compete at different venues at a great price ($50), and a chance to meet some new folks.  So, sign up in the Pro Shop, first come, first serve, and come on out, we need seniors of all handicap ranges.

George L.
FBCC Senior Interclub Rep

Email Me


Grounds News:


For questions or comments regarding the grounds, please contact Grounds Committee Chairman, Mark Dumas, Grounds Committee member, Jeff Haley or grounds superintendent, Bill Bruns. 

More Grounds

Email Chairman - Grounds Committee

Email Grounds Committee Member Jeff Haley
Email Grounds Superintendent


News From Food & Beverage





19th Hole Hours

Tuesday - Sunday 7 - 5 (6 in the Summer)



Click Here to View the Available Snack Items







Tournament Score History


A webpage has been added to our website which archives the tournament scores.    If you are interested, it is at:  https://www.fortbendcc.com/scorehistory.asp  As we remove the tournament results from this Newsletter they are archived on the Score History webpage.    Photos and comments are archived with them if they are submitted, also. 





Del Webb News:

This liveoak tree is one of 43 trees given to the club by Del Webb homeowners.

Del Webb Trees Uproot and Move to FBCC

Some of the trees which were planted between sidewalks and streets in Del Webb Sweetgrass were determined to not be a good idea after all, as they could heave the concrete walks and curbs.  Stock member, Frank Hayward resides in Del Webb Sweetgrass.  He worked with Del Webb, who were good enough to consider us a viable recipient and make over three dozen trees available to us for transplanting.

The trees have been planted all over the course, in tree lines and in other areas which will be beautified by them as they grow.  So far only one tree is showing any stress from being transplanted.

The club's members, golf associations, board of directors and management are grateful for this gift from the many Sweetgrass homeowners who originally paid for the trees and now for having them removed.

The Del Web Sweetgrass community continues to grow around us.    Here are a few photos from the golf course:

As the landscaping in the front of these new homes on Persimmon Grove matures, the neighborhood increasingly reflects the beauty of the golf course. 


Zoom across #6 and #5 fairways to homes with Golf Course frontage and some pretty landscaping along the creek. 


Looking across #15 Tee Box and Rabbs Bayou, the neighborhood takes shape. 

History Corner


A snowy day at the entrance gate of Fort Bend Country Club in 1973


 Artist's rendering from about 1964

Back in 2010 after the tornadic winds vacuumed the roof off the ballroom, the walls had to have the sheetrock replaced.  While the walls were open we took the opportunity to run some new wiring for the phones and computer network, in the small gap between the office ceiling and the flat roof above.  The space and everything in it were buried an inch deep in the crumbled, lightweight concrete which had fallen there from a previous roof replacement.

The only thing visible in this long forgotten space was a green corner of something poking out of the dust.  It was a full arm reach to just touch this one corner.  Between thumb and forefinger the object was slowly pulled free and toward the steel structure which blocked it’s removal.  After a little of the dust was brushed off it revealed itself to be an intact glass picture frame about 21” by 32”.  It was too wide to remove through the opening but above the 12” steel beam there was a 1” horizontal slot which was just high and long enough to get the frame through but due to its height was very awkward to feed through from the other side.  Eventually the frame was freed.  The glass was caked solid so we washed one corner of it and discovered that it was a watercolor.  Thinking that it was worth saving just for the frame, we cleaned it up.

When the artist’s rendition was revealed it took a minute to figure out what it was.  It was similar to the clubhouse but more like a version that had slipped through from another dimension, like in a Rod Serling Twilight Zone.  It will remain a mystery why the artwork was stored where it was but the mystery of what it is, is no longer.  It is the clubhouse that never was....in some respects.   Our clubhouse was built in 1966 and the new 19th Hole added in 1991.

It is a valuable piece of history because it reveals how ideas come together, step by step, as the reward for the work done by folks who work together over time to create a more beautiful tomorrow.  If you would like to see the original, it is on display in the FBCC front office.


Clubhouse (as built in 1966) and surrounds in aerial photo taken in the Seventies

If you click on the photo the high resolution version will open in a new window.



Read More Club History

General information only, below this point


Contact Information


Email Board Members:  (Click links below to Email)


Email Entire BOARD




Chairman of the Grounds Committee

Chairman of the Golf Committee

Chairman over the Clubhouse, Food & Beverage, Events

Chairman of the Membership Committee

Chairman over Front Office, Pool and Locker Rooms Committees



Email Association Presidents:  (Click links below to Email)


Women’s Association – President

Women’s Golf Association – President

Men’s Golf Association – President



Other Email : (Click links below to Email)

FBCC Newsletter - Feedback  Email to FBCC Newsletter

FBCC Business Office  Email to FBCC Business Office

Golf Professional  Email to golf pro

19th Hole - Food & Beverage - Events

Golf Course Grounds Superintendent  Email to Groundskeeper





Fort Bend Country Club    This is the official FBCC Website

Membership Page  Use our website as a valuable tool to promote memberships.    

FBCC Slide Show  Be sure to check out the latest club photos on the Flickr Photo Presentation


These and other links are located on the top, left and bottom of every webpage





Primary Office:


Primary Pro Shop:


Maintenance Barn:


19th Hole




Physical Address:

2627 FM 762

 No Postal Service to this address

Richmond TX, 77469



Mailing Address:

P.   O.   Box 128


Richmond TX  77406-0004






Rules, Policies and Static Information:


Days of Operation:


Club, Course, Restaurant, Bar, Pro Shop, Locker Rooms and Pool are open Tuesday through Sunday.    All operations are closed Mondays.    If a holiday falls on a Monday the club will be open but closed Tuesday.  



Golf Course:


To enhance the Fort Bend Country Club golfing experience, please adhere to the following rules of etiquette and politely encourage our guests and fellow members to do the same:


  • All players and guests shall register with the Pro Shop prior to starting play. 

  • Proper golf attire is required at all times and FBCC is a soft spike facility. 

  • Carts must return to the cart path at the white stripes and remain thereon through the tee box of the next hole.

  • Carts are not allowed to be driven on any Par 3's. 

  • Push carts are not allowed any closer to the green than the front (first) edge of the bunkers. 

  • Please repair ball marks, fill divots with sand, and rake sand bunkers to ensure excellent playing conditions for all players. 

  • All golfers must maintain a reasonable pace of play, and faster players must be allowed to play through. 

  • Only food and beverages purchased at Fort Bend Country Club are allowed on the golf course. 

  • Cart Reservations - Member golfers who wish to rent a cart must call and reserve it. The reservation may be cancelled up to the time of the reservation without penalty. Unfulfilled reservations will be charged to the member’s account. 

Thank you for doing your part to maintain the high standard of Fort Bend Country Club. 
Have a great round!


Open Play and Guests:


Open Play Prices and Terms


 Member Guest fees: (plus tax)

$25 weekdays

$35 weekends

·          Guest must be playing with the member; otherwise the open play fee is applicable.  

·          Member Guest Fees include Cart Rental even though guest may ride with Member or in Rental Cart.  

·          Club recommends Guest shall ride with Member to maximize cart availability when possible.  




  • The pool is open

  • The pool will be operated with no lifeguards on duty in accordance with the Texas Administrative Code for Class C pools

  • The pool is only for use by club members – members must accompany any guests – we will not rent for outside events

  • Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult member

  • Members can host events at the pool but must pay a nominal fee ($3 each) for non member guests

  • Pool hours are 7:00 a.  m.   until dusk, Tuesday to Sunday.    (closed when cleaning)

  • Pool normally open Tuesday through Sunday and Monday Holidays if the club is open


The buoy line across the pool is a safety device.    Please do not remove the buoy line from the pool.    If the buoy line is temporarily moved (such as for swimming laps) please replace immediately before leaving the pool.   





The By-Laws of Fort Bend Country Club are now available to all members, in electronic form.    If you would like a copy emailed to you, please Click Here to email us your request.    Presently they are available in PDF, HTML, Microsoft Word or plain text formats.   





Fort Bend Country Club    2627 FM 762    Richmond, Texas 77469    (281) 232-7824 (Office)   (281) 232-7825 (Pro Shop)

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